Oblong Oolong
Woven intricacies
Philadelphus coronarius
Birdcup with Nuske teapot
Twig Tablescape
Bird cup
My cup runeth over
Birdbowl with Nuske teapot
Dianthus man
Madame Twig-Chair
Chinoiserie cup 1
Chinoiserie cup 7
Chinoiserie cup 3
Chinoiserie cup 2
Chinoiserie cup 4
Chinoiserie cup 5
Chinoiserie cup 6
Teapot for Liesl
exhibition image
 Leafy teacup  61 x 51cm
 Small teacup 1  31 x 35cm
 Small teacup 2  31 x 35cm
 Wisteria floribunda  teacup  92 x 92cm
 Maiden hair fern cup  92 x92cm
Shade Bird
 Shade Bird detail
Dog Bowl
 Dog Bowl detail
Chair Chat
 Chair Chat detail
Chinoiserie bowl
Magic carpet
Yellow chair
Antique textile
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